Deepening Your Meditation Practice: A Meditation Retreat Intensive


Sunday, March 26 from 1-5pm and Sunday, April 2 from 1-5pm

Cost: $100 before March 17th, $120 

Instructor: Dr. Chris Schrodt

No one refused for lack of funds.  Some scholarship are available upon request.


Interested in expanding and deepening your meditation practice?  Learn about four meditation practices that can have significant physiological and psychological benefits well as help deepen your personal practice of mindfulness meditation.  The Brahma Viharas are meditations that have their origin in the Theravada Buddhist Meditation tradition.  They consist of four meditation practices-  Metta (loving-kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (sympathetic joy), and Uppekha (equanimity) which when cultivated alter ones attitude to oneself and all beings in a profound and sustainable manner.  These practices also lead to development of deep concentration states.  This course which will occur over four hours on two consecutive weekends will include both didactic material and instruction in the practice of these meditations.  Outside of instruction and question and answer sessions the retreat will be held in silence and in practice. A walking meditation will also be included.


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