Using Meditation to Work with Trauma


Meditation and Trauma

This course will teach participants a framework to explore their personal suffering from an integrated model of both Western psychological techniques and Buddhist meditative techniques. You will learn how to skillfully work with the techniques in a meditative context to deepen your meditation practice and lesson your suffering. Classes will involve meditation instruction, lecture, meditation periods and group discussion. Due to the nature of the course, the class size will to no more than 15 people. Participants who are currently working with a therapist need permission from their therapist before registering for the class.



Instructor: Chris Schrodt, M.D.

Chris SchrodtDr. Chris Schrodt completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky (B.A. with honors in philosophy, 1984). He received his Medical Degree from the University of Louisville, and completed his psychiatric residency training at the University of Massachusetts in 1994. In addition to training in cognitive therapy, meditation, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and hypnosis, he is also an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained clinician. While at the University of Massachusetts, he completed an internship in the Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. A practitioner of various meditation styles since age 15, Dr. Schrodt has integrated these techniques into his clinical practice. For many years, he was the staff psychiatrist at the Marten Center for Complementary Medicine and Pain Management at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, and was Medical Director of the Adult and Geriatric Psychiatric Services, with special expertise in dual diagnosis, mood disorders, and anxiety syndromes.



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Meditation to work with Trauma

No Meditation to work with Trauma classes are currently available.