Mindful Awakening to the Natural World

This 90-minute workshop, part of Earth and Spirit week, offers an opportunity to expand your mindfulness practice and strengthen your inherent kinship and spiritual belonging with nature and all of its inhabitants. You will learn ways to reclaim and embody your original wholeness – the innate, unique and guiding spiritual power of your soul.


Facilitator: Doug Van Houten

Doug is an internationally recognized nature-soul guide with Animas Valley Institute. He draws on the wisdom of the natural world, depth-psychology, eco-psychology, dreams, indigenous cultures, somatic knowing, poetry, and cross cultural soul-encounter practices to assist others in uncovering their own unique gifts of soul and transforming their lives in service to the Great Work of our times.



  • $25
  • Cost: Free for students enrolled in any Spring 2019 meditation course. No pre-registration is necessary.



Mindful Awakening to the Natural World

No Mindful Awakening to the Natural World classes are currently available.