Parenting as a Path: Integrating Mindfulness-Based Communication into Our Family Relationships 

Mindfulness ParentingFriday, May 19, 2017 – 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 


Sunday, May 21, 2017 – 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

$50 per person & registration required 


Parenting as a Path means to engage with your child on a journey to wholeness; being aware of your mental and emotional patterns and how they impact your ability to relax, see clearly, and respond effectively to your child’s growth and development.  Integrating mindfulness-based parenting & communication practices into the personal and family routine can create a more peaceful home through the deeper connections cultivated in parents and children.This half-day workshop will explore the foundational areas of growth for bringing mindfulness to parenting and we will teach a mindful parenting communication practice that you can immediately use to deepen your connection with your children and help them to integrate and process the daily stressors in their lives. This method will work for children of ANY age (even adult children).


Participants will be able to:

  • Experience guided mindfulness practices (no experience necessary)
  • Learn foundational concepts of using mindfulness in parenting
  • Learn/Experience transformative communication skill that can immediately be used with family
  • Explore and Practice parenting strategies that will build connection and reduce reactivity in the home
  • Engage in opportunity to “troubleshoot” issues related to kids of any age
  • Discuss topics in a mindfulness-based communication practice called Council that will also help in the home



Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Integrative Counselor & Consultant

Based in Louisville, KY, Shelly Sowell is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Consultant, specializing in Mindfulness-Based Life Skills for teens and adults in private practice, education and business settings. She has worked as a counselor, educator, consultant and mindfulness-based life skills instructor throughout her career, which began in 2004, and has created wellness businesses in Miami, Los Angeles & Louisville.   For more information, please visit


Eileen Fauver

Life + Parenting Coach 
Eileen is a life coach, parent educator and a mom. Eileen brings two decades worth of passions and learnings that inform her work: a BA in communications from Loyola University New Orleans, 20 years of practicing yoga, NVC training from the Center for Nonviolent Communication's Parent Peer Leadership Program, and life coach training from Martha Beck, PhD and her team at the Martha Beck Institute.  
Learn more about Eileen at




"Shelly’s sessions were informative in a real-life way that I have never seen duplicated in any other class, book, or experience. Shelly is absolutely on the pulse of what kids are experiencing, exposed to and feeling in today’s world - which is so different than what I experienced as a child/teenager."  - Joanna Jerome 


 “I refer parents to Eileen because her work is rooted in evidenced-based approaches to understanding children's emotions and behavior. Simply put- she knows the building blocks of a compassionate, connected family.” – Dr. Katy Hopkins


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