Spiritual DirectionSpiritual Integration Community

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual path and understanding?

Are you longing a formation experience within a community of other seekers?

The Earth & Spirit Center is made up of three schools: the School of Meditation & Spirituality, the School of Social Compassion, and the School of Earth Literacy.  One component of each school is a Spiritual Integration Community.  This Community provides a personal experience of formation, deepening and discernment in a small-group setting, focused on the themes of each school.  The primary feature of the Spiritual Integration Community is group spiritual guidance, but it also integrates other formation elements to include meditation, group dialogue, and other reflective practices.  While these communities are geared towards participants engaged with the Academy for Living in Harmony, they are open to all participants.  Participants in the Academy for Living in Harmony are encouraged to register as early as possible to secure a place in the community. 


Spiritual Integration Community: School of Earth Literacy (FALL 2016)

This five-session formation experience will be primarily a group spiritual guidance process that holds sacred intention for the exploration of your spiritual connection to the Earth. It is intended for students who are taking or have taken the ten-week course, Meditation 3: Contemplation and the World. The Spiritual Integration Community will offer a contemplative pause in the midst of your coursework to integrate insights and apply them to your personal life through meditation, ritual, journaling, sharing with one another so that the material becomes more part of the whole of you.


  • Five Sundays: October 9, 23, November 6, 20, December 4
  • Time: 1:00-2:30 p.m.
  • Facilitator and Spiritual Guide: Kathleen Kaelin. OSU    
  • Fee: $100. Registration after October 3rd is $120. However, no one is refused for lack of funds.
  • 15 participant limit 


  • Five Mondays: October 10, 24, November 7, 21, December 5
  • Time: 10:00-11:30am
  • Facilitator and Spiritual Guide: Natasha Burrowes, MATS    
  • Fee: $100. Registration after October 3rd is $120. However, no one is refused for lack of funds.
  • 15 participant limit

Registration Deadline was Thursday, October 6 at noon.