A 3-day experiential retreat

October 27-29, 2017

Facilitated by Doug Van Houten


Bill Plotkin’s Wild Mind ushers in a new era of depth psychology....To study it is to pass through a magical gateway into one’s unique role within the Great Work that Earth is calling us to.

—Brian Thomas Swimme, coauthor with Thomas Berry of The Universe Story


Based on Bill Plotkin’s book, Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche this 3-day experiential program will help guide us on an exploration into the landscape of the universal forces of nature that helped shape the human psyche over eons.


The human psyche has been endowed by nature with a treasure trove of innate resources and potentials that have largely gone unrecognized or underdeveloped in the wake of our overly domesticated lives. During this program learn how to access, cultivate and integrate these powerful resources and potentials into our everyday lives.


Wild Mind provides us with an invaluable tool: The Nature-Based Map of the Psyche, a wholistic model rooted in nature, which serves as a guide in cultivating the major facets of our innate wholeness (i.e. the Nurturing, Generative, Innocent, Sage, Fool, Emotive, Wild, Muse, Inner Beloved self or selves, among others). This map teaches us how to delve into our fragmented, wounded or shadow selves and how to understand the initiatory gifts hidden in each.


By tending to all of the dimensions of becoming fully human, we recognize the extraordinary gifts of our own true nature. We are empowered to show up in the world and to become the agents of personal and cultural transformation that we are each called to be.


In this program, you’ll explore the landscape of your individual psyche through focused time alone in nature, group work, deep personal sharing, journaling, possibly movement, and other soul-rooted practices.



• how to recognize and consciously cultivate our innate human wholeness

• how to identify and befriend our fragmentation

• how to free all the windows of knowing: sensing, feeling, imagination, thinking, and intuition

• how to experience visceral, heart rendering realizations of our communion with the animate world


Doug Van Houten

Body, art & soul guide, student of Hakomi, yoga trainee, apprentice to the honeybee, visual artist, self-design ceremonialist, activist and guide for Animas Valley Institute(www.animas.org).  In this work he draws on the natural world, eco-psychology, depth-psychology, the wisdom of indigenous cultures, dreams, poetry, and many cross cultural soul-encounter practices such as vision fasting, council, trance rhythms, shadow work, and conversations with the sacred Other. Doug’s Great Work lives in support of others uncovering their own unique genius and in so doing transforming their lives in service to the Great Turning transformation of our times. 


  • Friday, October 27th (7-9pm), Saturday, October 28th (9am-5pm), Sunday, October 29th (9am-3pm)
  • Instructor: Doug Van Houten
  • Cost: $225; $250 after October 11th


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To see a video of the Wild Mind go to: www.wildmindbook.com

Recommended reading: Bill Plotkin’s, Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche



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