Nature and Meditation RetreatExploring the natural world to find our true selves

March 30, 2019  9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Bring your own lunch


“A new revelatory experience is needed, an experience wherein human consciousness awakens to the grandeur and sacred qualities of the Earth….” - Thomas Berry


The natural world has so much to teach us. It speaks to us in a manner and strength unlike anything in culture. We need nature’s inspiration to bolster our sense of wholeness – psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. But we have to go to natural places, open our hearts in new ways, and let the more-than-human-world touch us, instruct us, and guide us toward our own true nature. Nature-based settings are especially helpful in doing what psychiatrist Carl Jung called the retrieval work of soul, where encounters with wildness can remind us of our own deep story of true belonging.  


Our time together will consist of education and practices that invite wandering and listening, noticing and participating more intimately with the natural world. There will be solo time on the land around the 27-acre Earth & Spirit Center nature preserve and later a chance to share with others some of your experiences and insights. We will wander rain or shine.


Learn ways to:

- support your ability to establish a deep and lasting connection with the living world;

- develop takeaway practices that bring you back to life


Cost: $70, Early registration by March 15 is $60.


Awakening to Nature Retreat

No Awakening to Nature Retreat classes are currently available.