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March 1, 2019

Nurturing the Spirit by Listening to Creation

Community Night at Earth & Spirit CenterPresentation by John Rausch



Fr. John Rausch has spent 40 years defending the poor in Appalachia, helping with food and housing and commiserating with the loss of jobs. Suddenly in 2002, after a succession of floods set off by a mountaintop strip mine devastated com- munities, he saw everything in a new way. It is all connected! The problems of an impoverished community – jobs, health and housing – were inti- mately and inextricably tied to what was happen- ing to their environment.

Since then John has climbed mountains and walked old mine sites to conduct rituals teach- ing care of creation. What might be a momentary reflection turns into a significant remembrance through the use of natural symbols. After a flood, planting flowers brings hope. On abandoned strip mines, American chestnut trees reclaim the land. At a fracking well, wildflowers warn against pollution. Join us for this enlightening evening of listening to creation through symbols. Let your spirit become one with the world around it.


6:00 p.m.     Dinner, Presentation and Conversation

8:30 p.m.     Departure


  • Dinner, Presentation and Conversation - Suggested donation $15-$20

  • Reservations for dinner are required by Wednesday 10:00 am before the Friday evening event.

  • For reservations please register online. For questions call 502.452.2749



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Community Night

Community Night Dinner ,
Friday Evening Mar 01

  • Friday Evening Mar 01 06:00 pm
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