Caring for God’s Creation are spiritual formation and education programs conducted at a church. They are designed to help educate, motivate and inspire people of faith to assume an active role in caring for God’s creation, embracing Gospel justice and nurturing spiritual wisdom.


The Earth & Spirit Center offers these programs in various formats. Typically the program opens on Sunday evening and goes for two or three consecutive nights or is presented as a weekly series. It is designed to facilitate a spiritual awakening through proclamation and prayer. Other formats can be arranged. Please contact the Earth & Spirit Center for more information.


Protecting God’s creation amidst environmental distress is emerging as a critical issue of concern for the church and its members.


What do Christians believe about the care for the Earth?


The ten second summary: God’s love is made known through God’s creation, incarnation and ongoing revelation. In the Book of Genesis we read how God's word calls all things into being. This life-giving word brings order out of chaos. Creation has an order and a purpose ordained and willed by God, and God names it “good.” The goodness of creation therefore is a divine proclamation. The human person is created from the clay of the Earth, a creation made in the image and likeness of God. Humans are to live in partnership with creation, drawing life and sustenance from it and in turn treating all creation with care and reverence. Human beings are to be stewards, the voice of creation, protecting and respecting its use and existence.

Why is caring for creation important?


One of the great challenges to contemporary religions is how to respond to the environmental crisis. Christians have always had a deep reverence for life on Earth and they are beginning to feel a sense of urgency about what is happening to creation. Environmental concerns are on the front page. Now your church community can become more familiar with these timely issues and explore appropriate responses.

Caring for creation requires a new moral awakening to the compelling demand – clearly articulated in Scripture, expressed in church statements, and supported by science – that Christians must be stewards of the natural world in order to preserve for ourselves and future generations a beautiful, rich and healthy environment. This is a religious obligation, rooted in our sense of gratitude for creation and reverence for its Creator.


Contact Kyle Kramer for more information or to schedule a Creation Care program.

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