Field TripsThe Earth & Spirit Center’s Environmental Educational Outreach Programs are designed to promote within children a curiosity and care for the Earth through direct learning experiences that help them explore the spiritual connection between themselves, nature, and science. On our 21 acres of fields, woods, and gardens, and in our historic, renovated brick barn, children will be encouraged to creatively engage the natural world and cultivate a sense of stewardship for our planet. 


Field trips can be custom-designed for school groups, youth groups, groups of families, and other organizations.  Email us for more information and to schedule a field trip. 


What kind of field trip experiences are offered for kids?

Programs can be structured in a variety of formats, depending on the interest and needs of the children.  Program components can include:


• learning essential nature skills

• gardening and understanding how food grows

• creating healthy snacks from the garden

• experiencing Earth-centered arts and science activities.


Field TripsWho might be interested in a field trip for their kids?

• School groups come for an educational outreach experience.

• Summer camps incorporate field trips to the Earth & Spirit Center as supplemental programs.

• Groups of families with similar-aged children create their own get-away summer day program.


How many students can I bring? What is the cost?

Groups may bring up to 60 children, with a suggested minimum of 15 students. The cost per student is $8.00 for half-day program and $15 for full-day program. Some scholarships are available upon request. Chaperones of one-per-ten children are required and they come at no charge.

Field Trips Mindfulness Meditation 

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Youth Field Trips

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How do I register for the Kids & Nature field trip?

Field trips to the Earth & Spirit Center can be scheduled for anytime during the spring, summer or fall. Contact us at or call 502.452.2749. Please provide: school or group name, contact information, preference on date, preference of lesson topic, grade level, and number of students. Register early; available dates are limited.