The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding our inner world – how the mind and emotions form repeating habit patterns that create our personality. It describes nine different personality or ego types, each with characteristic mental, emotional and behavioral patterns.


There are many ways to teach the Enneagram and apply its insights. It can be used to enhance therapeutic healing, communication skills, teacher effectiveness in the classroom, leadership development and team-building in the workplace. 


At the Earth & Spirit Center, the Enneagram is taught as an aid to spiritual growth. Many people beginning the practice of meditation close their eyes to go within, but they do not discover God. They keep bumping into themselves and the frustrating habit patterns of their mind. Here the Enneagram can be a useful tool for spiritual transformation. 


Understanding the nine mental defilements as expressed by the Enneagram can be an effective way of freeing energy from habitual destructive patterns and releasing us for the inner journey home. The Enneagram can help us move beyond the level of personality to experience a deeper inner reality, the Spirit of God dwelling within the cave of our hearts.


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Enneagram Part I: Introduction to the Enneagram
Enneagram Part II: Enneagram and Transformation


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Enneagram Part I - Introduction to the Enneagram

Enneagram Part I
This workshop presents the Enneagram as a tool of self-discovery and an aid to spiritual growth. It will introduce participants to the nine personality types described by the Enneagram – offering a detailed explanation of how each type thinks, feels and relates to others. - Learn More

Enneagram and Transformation

Enneagram Part 2
This workshop explores the relationship between personality and higher awareness. It examines the task of personal growth, which the Enneagram describes as the transformation of thoughts and emotions defined by each type into their higher capacities. - Learn More