Earth & Spirit Center Environmental Internship Program


Environmental Leadership

The Earth & Spirit Center Environmental Internship Program is a opportunity for college students to develop the skills and knowledge needed to better care for the earth.  This internship program provides you with practical, hands-on environmental project opportunities on our 21-acre campus of woods, fields, gardens, and waterways.  These projects include but are not limited to:



  • Healthy waterways
  • Rain gardens
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Wetlands
  • Monarch waystations
  • Butterfly gardens
  • Urban agriculture
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Renewable energy
  • Native flora and fauna
  • Environmental Education


Interns will have the opportunity to develop oral, written, and digital communication skills, including social media, website development and fundraising.  The program includes regular mentoring and supervision by qualified environmental educators in the company of a cohort of fellow interns for fellowship and mutual support.


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