Mindfulness and Public Transportation 

Public transportation is a key element of environmentally sustainable cities.  But often, the challenges of navigating public transit seem inconvenient and even intimidating.   This unique workshop explores how to cultivate both mindfulness and a greener lifestyle through a mini urban immersion experience with the public transit system.  After instruction about the nuts-and-bolts tools, rules, and skills for using the TARC system, participants will be given a variety of contemplative practices to choose from on their short journey across town on TARC.  Since this class employs walking meditation, participants should be able to walk up to one mile.


Guide: Tim Darst


Contact the Earth & Spirit Center to arrange this presentation at 502-452-2749 or email: tim@earthandspiritcenter.org



The Mindfulness and Public Transportation Meditation Class was not only a practical experience on how to use and understand public transportation in our city, but also was an excellent exercise in how to practice mindfulness while encountering the city and the Louisville Community through the lens of riding the bus.  I recommend this class to everyone!
-Kate Bulinski, Ph.D.

Mindfulness and Public Transportation

No Mindfulness and Public Transportation classes are currently available.