Earth & Spirit Center Refugee GardensIn 2017, the Earth & Spirit Center partnered with Catholic Charities’ Common Earth Gardens program and the New Hope International refugee services organization to create the New Hope International Farm, a community garden project for refugees, located on the 27-acre Earth & Spirit Center Campus. 


Since its founding, the New Hope International Farm has provided food for over 150 refugees (mainly from the African countries of Burundi and the Congo), over 160 children from our Camp Odyssey summer program, and the residents of the Sacred Heart Passionist Retreat.  Over a dozen partner families work the farm collectively and raise crops, many of which, like mchicha and intore, are native to their home countries.


New Hope growers have been expanding their acreage since 2017.  In 2018, the New Hope grower added a honeybee colony, and with assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture, we constructed two 16’x72’ “high tunnels” with rain tanks and irrigation systems, to extend the growing season.  


We are always glad to accept donations of time, financial support, and garden supplies and tools.  Please contact us at if you’d like to learn more about New Hope International Farm. 


Earth & Spirit Center Refugee Gardens